Product Spotlight - The Wall Art

Your portraits are destined for the walls of your homes. Every single morning as you walk through your house, we want you to see the very essence of your family. Our custom wall art allows you to enjoy what you love most about your family every single day.

We have access to exquisite vendors, who offer wide varieties of traditional and non-traditional display options. Whether it’s a traditional frame with hand-cut matting, shadow and floater frames, or minimalistic canvas, acrylic and metal prints that go perfectly with more contemporary décor, we can expertly guide you to the right fit for your images.

Modern Acrylic

An archival high-grade photo print mounted on metal under thick shatterproof acrylic glass in a minimalistic slimline case enhances the impression of depth, creating a 3D effect. Gallery-quality mounting meets the highest professional requirements while real high-grade photo print exposed using the latest laser technology guarantees 75 years of color brilliance from the lab. With four frame colors to choose from – Silver, Gold, Black, and White, you can find the frame to either perfectly match your image or as a contrast with an appealing effect. The frame comes with practical wall mounts on the back in the form of pre-installed aluminum rails.

Floating Metal

A top-grade, robust direct print on metal in a real wood frame creates the impression that your picture is levitating, floating inside the frame. The white and brighter parts of the image have a subtle sheen, a faint silky gloss/shimmer. Frames come in black, browns like darker walnut and lighter maple/oak, and white. Suitable for roofed/sheltered outdoor areas if frameless. Weatherproof print with UV durable fine art inks, it can stay beautiful in wind and weather. Fade-resistant, as well as water-resistant, it is perfect to spruce up your bathroom. It needs no glazing, and there will be no condensation to mar the view.

Innovative Canvas

Our canvas exclusive mounting system is completely finished and has no  visible mounting elements like staples; it is an elegant and finely crafted piece of furniture. Superior quality thin cotton canvas, soft to the touch without stretch or bounce, will never collapse, or loosen and bulge like other canvas available on the consumer market. It has an exclusive anti-glare “silky touch” finishing. Stunning at sight, enticing on your fingerprints, it was built to last over time. Archival certified HD printing on natural fiber like cotton is a standard for fine art printing. Polyester and PVC are poor imitations for the regular consumer market. This print will not lose its appeal over time and ensures museum-like quality.

Artisan Frame

A premium fine art matted print with a classic hand-torn edge surrounded with gold beads and floating in a real wood frame. Your personal portrait images are in a more intimate size while allowing the masterfully layered mat and frame assembly to convey a dramatic impact on the wall. The frame comes in different colors and shapes.


Shadow Frame

A photo print mounted on metal in a shadow box frame provides both depth and beauty. The photo separation from the frame makes it the center of attention, while the frame provides an elegant border. The mounted photo appears to float above the back. The picture is evenly mounted on aluminum for a long-lasting and durable result. An extravagantly deep frame with plenty of space between it and the acrylic glass creates a floating or slightly raised look. For pictures that just need a little more space to live up to their full potential. Color options: Brown or White Maple, Black Oak. It looks great standing on its own or on a gallery ledge.

No matter which method you choose, get creative!

Filling your walls with a lifetime of memories is one of the most special,

visual ways to tell the story of your family.