You are here because you want to celebrate your family and relationships with extraordinary experience and exquisite artwork. It tells us that you truly value the art of photography and, more than anything, your loved ones.

Your investment includes:


The Service $300.

The professional portrait service fee goes towards our artistry, expertise and hours of reserved time for you and your family only, covering all aspects of fully customized portrait experience such as:

  • pre-session in-person consultation;

  • fully-guided photoshoot;

  • ordering in-person consultation;

  • personal hand delivery and art installation.

The service fee is $300.

It does NOT include any products or digital files, which are purchased separately at the ordering appointment.

All major forms of payment are accepted.

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Custom Artwork

We want you feel good investing in heirloom artwork for your family.

You only buy what you love and there’s no obligation to purchase more than that.

One thing for sure, a temptation to have it all will be real.

The amount of investment is highly customizable to your needs and wishes.

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The investment you will be proud of has lasting and growing value. Imagine years of displaying this artwork in your house, and then your kids will continue enjoying it along with your grandkids as much as you did. A gift of memories to at least three generations of your family. That is the definition of priceless. That is why we do what we do. And we do it for you.

A personalized approach and time consumed by creating premium experience limit the amount of clients we are able to serve.

To reserve a date, discuss detailed pricing and look at our artwork samples