We want you and your family to have an amazing experience.

Here is what you can expect when you work with us:

The Design Consultation

It is a great way to get to know each other and create a customized plan together. We will design a perfect-for-you session covering all the aspects of what kind of portraits you prefer, what locations or settings might help tell your story, and how and where your portraits will be displayed when they are finished. You will have a chance to look at all the artwork options we offer and learn more about pricing.

Consultations are complimentary and take up to an hour. They are held a week or two prior to the session at the comfort of our client’s home. This way, we have a chance to tour your home to see your style and space, so we can provide our professional expertise for great wall art locations in a proper size and kind of product.

If you’d like to reserve a date at the consultation you’ll be required to pay a non-refundable session fee of $300. The session fee includes the initial pre-session consultation, up to an hour of session time, post-session image preparation, a private session to view and order portraits, and personal delivery of the final art order.  All prints, products and digital images are purchased separately at the ordering appointment.

Learn more about products here.

The Portrait Session

At the session, we put all our planning into action and create beautiful images of your family. It will be easy, light and fun for everyone involved. We love seeing families connecting with each other and while this is happening, we are making lifetime memories and creating beautiful art.

Because we have a chance to meet prior to the session to discuss what we are shooting for, we don’t have to chase unnecessary portraits we don’t need which allows us to spend our time and effort efficiently and complete everything in about an hour or so.

We love creating portraits in places that are of special significance to our clients like their home, garden, favorite destination or vacation home. We will do our best to visit your chosen session location beforehand and make initial decisions as to where and how the portraits will be created considering lighting, unique features, textures, backgrounds, architecture and foliage, all in relation to the season. 

The Ordering Session

This is the best part! In about a week after your amazing portrait session, we will meet to reveal your images for the first time! We will help you to choose your favorite images. You are not obligated to order anything you don’t love, but we have to warn you that most of our clients fell in love with all of their portraits.

In between session and ordering appointments with a help of our expertise, we will take time to select the very best photographs for you to choose from. We will do all of it so that your time is well spent and you are able to make those choices easier. Average amount of portraits per session you will see is 20 to 30.

We will guide you through the process of picking portraits for a specific artwork you have chosen at the consultation making all your product choices final. Ordering sessions are about 60 to 90 minutes long, and most clients find them easy and enjoyable. Just like with the consultation session, our clients have their ordering appointment in the intimacy of their home. You will have a chance to see the images to scale in the settings where they will appear in your home so that together, we can determine what looks best in each space. It is strongly advisable to have all the decision makers present. We accept payments by cash, check or credit card.

Learn more about investment here.

The Delivery and Installation

Approximately 6 to 8 weeks later, your entire order will be ready at your door. We will personally deliver and present it to you as well as install all the pieces of the wall art you have ordered.

We believe our service is not complete until you have finished artwork on your wall.

This is the moment when you truly realize the value of planning and developing long-term strategy for your family’s photographic legacy.

We are equally committed to quality photography

matched with the same quality of professional prints and products,

topping it off with the premium experience you have been looking for.